Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Utah

In Utah Bankruptcy is not always the best option, often times creditors are willing to work with you in order to receive at least some kind of payment. There is no secret formula that requires creditors to work with you, even though that’s what debt consolidation companies will tell you, the only way you can force a creditors hand is through bankruptcy, but negotiating with creditors can be very effective if the creditors know that the alternative is not getting anything at all in a bankruptcy. In addition, creditors often pay more attention if you’ve gone through the effort of hiring an attorney to negotiate with your creditors. Your attorney at Pearson Law Firm is experienced in negotiating with creditors, and getting your debt down to something you can afford. Beware of companies that “guarantee” to reduce your debt. These companies are at the whim of the creditor, just like everyone else outside of bankruptcy. Some creditors simply won’t work with you, under any circumstances, other creditors jump at the chance, so chances are your debt will be reduced one way or another, but there is never a guarantee.

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