Possession of Illegal Drugs in Utah

Whether you were falsely accused or just made a bad choice, Pearson law Firm will aggressively defend you and form a strong defense to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Your Utah criminal defense lawyer will thoroughly examine all the facts and circumstances of your case. Many drug charges and convictions are the result of illegal searches and seizures, often arrests for drug possession occur as a result of a traffic violation. Your attorney will investigate the stop to determine if it was legal. Your Pearson Law Firm attorney will also determine whether law enforcement officers had probable cause to search you or the vehicle. Your attorney will determine whether your constitutional rights were violated. If he finds that violations occurred, it could lead to the case being dismissed or charges reduced. Your Pearson Law Firm criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly to find problems with the prosecutor’s case against you.

In addition to the harm that a criminal conviction will result in, there are other serious consequences that you may face as a result of your drug charge. Job opportunities could be lost, or you could lose your current job. A drug conviction could make a juvenile ineligible to receive student loans or scholarships. Also, you will lose your driving privileges if your drug possession charge was associated with driving.

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