Utah Assault/Violent Crimes

Typically, if a crime causes injury or death to another it is considered a violent crime. From assault to sex crimes, or even murder or manslaughter, violent crimes are harshly punished under Utah law. Often times when dealing with charges of violent crime in Utah you are not only dealing with the prosecution, but you have to deal with bad publicity as well. This is why it is important to hire an experienced Utah violent crime attorney that can not only vigorously represent you, but also limit publicity so ultimately you receive a fair shot.

Your Pearson Law Firm attorney believes that preparation is key to winning any case, or pushing it to settlement. Your attorney will do everything he can to keep incriminating evidence out, and make sure that your constitutional rights are upheld. Being prepared not only wins at trial, but it also creates opportunities to resolve a case. If a case cannot be resolved before trial, your Utah assault/violent crime attorney will be prepared to aggressively defend you.

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