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Utah Divorce Laws can be complex, even if you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce, there is still a lot to think about and prepare for when going through a Utah divorce. You want your Decree of Divorce to be as clear and all-encompassing as possible. It should include specific terms as to every aspect of the divorce, including custody/visitation, child support, alimony, division of assets, division of liabilities, etc.

There are two possibilities when it comes to a Utah divorce, contested and uncontested. By nature uncontested divorces are simpler and usually quicker, but even then the process itself can be difficult. There are numerous documents that need to be filed. And even if the parties agree on the terms, you want to make sure the Decree of Divorce is clear. An ambiguous divorce decree usually results in the parties returning to court at a later date to get a modification in order to clarify the decree. Getting a Decree of Divorce modified is much more difficult and expensive then just doing it right the first time with a Utah divorce attorney.

What is the Utah divorce process?

The process of a Utah divorce varies greatly depending on whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. In an uncontested divorce the process is simpler, but it still requires that documents be filed in a timely manner, and in order. In addition, in Utah there is a 90-day waiting period after the first document is filed (generally the petition or complaint) before the court will sign the Decree of Divorce.

For a contested Utah divorce, the process is much more complex. There are various deadlines that the parties must be aware of in order to keep the case from being dismissed, or even decided in your spouses favor. Representing yourself can be a daunting task but Pearson Law Firm can help you navigate the Utah legal system, protect you, and ensure that your rights are preserved. Again, it is much easier to do it right the first time, and your attorney will aggressively represent you and make the process as pleasant as possible. Pearson Law Firm offers a free consultation wherein an experienced Utah Divorce Attorney can counsel you, and help you decide which route is best for you.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the Utah divorce process, or simply contact Pearson Law Firm at 801-888-0991 and set up a free consultation with an experienced Utah Divorce Attorney.

How much does a Utah Divorce Attorney cost?

Most people looking into retaining a Utah divorce attorney have no idea what to expect when it comes to cost. There is no easy answer to this question. Pearson Law Firm offers competitive flat rates for uncontested divorces. Contested divorces are a little trickier as each situation is different. Some contested divorces settle quickly, others may be more complex or the parties might be more stubborn. These types of divorces tend to drag on and often go to trial, resulting in much more time spent by the attorney, and driving up the costs. Nevertheless, Pearson Law Firm gives you the most for your money, and your Utah divorce attorney will do everything he can to settle the case in order to make it cheaper for you, but also ensure that your rights are preserved in the process.

Contact Pearson Law Firm at 801-888-0991 and set up a free consultation with an experienced Utah Divorce Attorney.


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